We have been acting for Emergency custody cases, Divorce, Separation, Child Support, Spousal Support, Access and Children's Aid matters for almost 40 years.

Our Law firm accepts Legal Aid and Unifor. 

If you have an emergency situation we will commence a court action on your behalf and place it before a judge usually within two weeks.

We are based in Windsor, Ontario but services Essex and Chatham Kent Counties. Our law firm is located at 359 Goyeau street.

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Pearce, Ducharme & Associates
Family Law                        
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In particular, they deal with:
Emergency Custody matters,
Divorce, Custody, Separation, Support, Access
Children’s Aid matters
Changing or varying existing court orders
Hague Convention and the parental abduction of children and generally,
All matters pertaining to family law.

Pearce Ducharme and Associates is based in Windsor, Ontario 
but services Essex and Chatham Kent Counties. 

They have also acted, and continue to act, in matters under appeal.
The legal content of this web site is provided by Allan Dare Pearce.

Please note: If you are involved  in a matrimonial dispute, we 
strongly recommend that you retain a lawyer to represent 
you at the first  possible opportunity;
This site and this note are designed only to acquaint you with a 
few (and only a few) of the issues that may affect you. 
It is not intended as legal advice on any specific case. 
You are well advised to retain the services of an 
experienced lawyer as soon as possible. 

Pearce Ducharme and Associates is a partnership established 
in 1975 by Allan Dare Pearce and Mary Anne Ducharme. 
The firm practices family law. 

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