Division of   Property

The Ontario Family Law Act sets out a scheme for dividing the matrimonial property of people who are married people. This would include same sex relationships when the two were married. Ontario legislation does not address the situation of people who are not married but who live together.

The Ontario scheme for division of property seeks to divide up all of the property of the married spouse from the date of the marriage to the date of separation.
Such a division would be ordered in most situations. The only exception would be where it was patently unfair, and this would be an unusual situation.

What goes into this Net Family Property pot?

In some cases, it is fairly obvious. Bank balances and automobiles, vacation homes, stocks and bonds and GIC’s and acquired jewelry all pop into this pot as do all charge cards and bank loans and mortgage balances. RRSP’s drop into the pot. Pensions must be appraised and the amount of appreciation of these types of assets, during the relative time frame, go into the pot.

Business interests of the spouses, family heirlooms, inheritances and personal injury awards are more complicated and will usually require input from counsel. In fact, parties with substantial assets usually are well advised to have legal advice before resolving matrimonial property issues.

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