No Money For a Lawyer?

If you do not have the funds to hire or retain a lawyer,
and can meet the financial requirements of the Ontario Legal Aid Plan,
Legal Aid  may pay for your lawyer. In some cases, they
will set up a manageable payment plan. Listings in the white pages of
the phone book are normally found under: Legal Aid Ontario.

Every Lawyer at Pearce, Ducharme and Associates
accepts legal aid certificates.

Please note: If you are involved  in a matrimonial dispute, we
strongly recommend that you retain a lawyer to represent
you at the first   possible opportunity;

This site and this note are designed only to acquaint you with a
few (and only a few) of the issues that may affect you.
It is not intended as legal advice on any specific case.
You are well advised to retain the services of an
experienced lawyer as soon as possible.
Let us represent you
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