Spousal Abuse

Spousal abuse takes many forms and encompasses everything from sneering put-downs to physical assault. Matrimonial Lawyers routinely advise clients to report incidents of serious abuse to the police and follow through with the laying of charges. Police departments are now well aware of these issues and have developed staff and strategies to assist you. You will be taken seriously.Women who visit a lawyer often suggest that there is no proof of the assault. Follow the advice of your lawyer and leave evidence documenting to your lawyer. A word from a neighbour, a note scribbled by an emergency room doctor, and your testimony are types of evidence that lawyers can call upon in particular circumstances.

Matrimonial Lawyers routinely suggest that an assaulted spouse, at a bare minimum, visit their doctor or go to emergency to record injuries and  leave a trail of evidence about the abuse that courts can easily follow.

Most matrimonial lawyers can have photographs of bruises or injuries taken for subsequent court proceedings. Most bruises show better contrast, a day or two after the assault. Family photos of injuries often find a way into court. Assaults in front of the children can result in a denial of access privileges.  Abused spouses who do not follow through, in an attempt to hold a fractured relationship together, often put their children at risk in the future.

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