Who Needs a Separation Agreement?

Where both parties have accepted that the relationship is over and where there is agreement about how the issues are to be resolved, you may be a candidate for a separation agreement.

Some of the issues that you should be in agreement on are: who gets custody; who gets what sort
of access; what happens to the property, including such things pensions and vacation properties.

You should address who will assume the debts. The list of things you can divide up theseems
almost endless. As noted, depending on the facts, and the parties inclinations, separation
agreements can be lengthy and complex and subject to months of negotiation.

But people who can resolve matters by way of a separation agreement on a timely basis, are
usually in a position to keep their legal costs under control.

But if there is no ‘agreement’, you are possibly headed to court and in this case, you are
advised to retain the services of an experienced matrimonial lawyer.

Please note: If you are involved  in a matrimonial dispute, we
strongly recommend that you retain a lawyer to represent
you at the first  possible opportunity;
This site and this note are designed only to acquaint you with a
few (and only a few) of the issues that may affect you.
It is not intended as legal advice on any specific case.
You are well advised to retain the services of an
experienced lawyer as soon as possible.
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