Wishes of the Child

The wishes of the child do not affect a custody or access case until the children are 12 years of
age or within a year or two of that age. Once children approach such an age their wishes can be 
put before the children in a variety of ways.

The Ontario Child’s Counsel (OCL). a government funded agency that retains lawyers across the
Province to provide services to children as their own lawyer. Depending upon the circumstances,
a court appointed OCL would meet with a child, ascertain the wishes of the child and put those
wishes before the court.

Ontario courts on occasion may appoint a psychiatrist or psychologist to prepare an assessment
before the court and the child’s wishes may be put forward in such assessment.

A court could decide to meet with a child in the Judge’s chambers, although this method is not
often used.

The child could be called as a witness, depending upon the child and upon the circumstances.

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